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Music was a natural part of life in the Wright household, where Squingy was raised. Before he had uttered his first words, Squingy had been exposed to a plethora of sounds by his father Wrighty, who owned a sound system which played and ran a popular weekly local event as well as private functions.

As time went on Squingy grew frustrated at the lack of opportunities for young artists such as himself and others around him so he founded Suspect Entertainment back in 2004. Being one of the leading founders of the original rap crew and as time progressed one of the few taking rap seriously, it was only right he took the next step and in 2008, Suspect Entertainment closed and USG Entertainment was born. To this day, Squingy manages the day to day running of the label, multi-tasking by making music, managing label artist and overseeing label business.

In early 2005 Suspect Entertainment released their first collective mixtape entitled ‘Under Surveillance Volume 1’. The mixtape was an instant hit with the streets and everybody wanted a copy. A video was filmed for the lead single ‘North West Reppin’ which featured Squingy and comrades from the label. This video was available to watch on the internet, and accrued millions of hits at a time when the internet was not as widely used for entertainment purposes as it is in the present day.

The label’s buzz was growing at a fast pace around the community and neighbouring areas. After releasing the follow up collective mixtape ‘Under Surveillance Volume 2’ Squingy saw the niche and started planning his solo effort ‘Wrighty’s First Son’ CD/DVD. This sold over 5000 copies as an independent release.

‘Wrighty’s First Son’ contained mini videos for each song on the CD; an innovation that hadn’t been used in the urban market at that time.
At the present moment in time, a YouTube page is running to showcase USG visuals, which continues to receive hundreds of thousands of hits. Squingy is currently working on a follow up mixtape and official album as well as the USG collective album, all due for completion in the coming future.