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Although born in the UK, Rodi Keelos is of Kurdish origin. The son of immigrant parents, Rodi grew up in a North London Estate, battling the problems of being both foreign and trying to adapt to life in London. Rodi originally found his desire for music when drafting lyrics at home, at the age of 12. Being new and ambitious to the music game, Rodi needed to find beats so that he could put his lyrics down on finished projects. He knew he needed a further understanding of where and how the beats could develop and work alongside his own words.

It was here he started to learn the beat making process and found that his passion for producing out grew his lyric writing ability and appetite. He then decided to pursue a career in producing full time. Rodi was so committed to learning beat making that he consequently decided to enrol himself into music college where he studied Music Technology. It was during this period, the young producer found himself working alongside USGs Ishkee and the rest is history in the making.

Having being introduced to USG through Ishkee, Rodi fitted in straight away, showing USG that even though he was young, he was hungry, talented and motivated and quickly became one of the labels leading producers. Having a unique talent where he delivers exquisite beats with high 808s, infusing both his Kurdish influence and rap, Rodi has mastered a sound unique to him making him one of USG’s main assets in the beat making game.

Heading up all of USG’s major projects Rodi deals with all artists on the label Roster ensuring their projects are of a high standard and helps them achieve their project objectives.

Rodi says, “I want to produce albums, win Grammys, platinum plaques everywhere, I want to be out there and within 5 years I intend to have fully cemented myself into winning at a commercial level”

“I’m hungry, I understand the level of work it takes for this to become reality and if I have to put things on hold or lose out socially for me to become a worldwide success then so be it”