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Real Raidz was born and bred in West London, where he found his appetite for music at the young age of 12. Being a colossal Rap fan already, Raidz found his hunger for music and began writing lyrics in the sanctuary of his bedroom. Raidz found it difficult to manage his passion for music with the difficulties of growing up as a youth in West London and had his first brush with the law in 2012, where he was arrested and charged.

During his incarceration, Raidz had time to reflect on his position in life and consequently left prison with the mentality of focusing his efforts and passions on music, striving to achieve something better for himself. Drawing his inspirations from rappers such as Biggie, 2Pac, Lil Wayne, Jada Kiss & Styles P, Raidz began recording in studios close to home starting out as a grime artist.

Pursuing his own growth and expansion, he soon realised his talent had no limitations, realising his passion for hip-hop, as well as grime. Upon deciding to alter his approach, he fused both cultures together. Growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of opportunities presented around him, Raidz pushed himself to keep recording, hard work and determination paid off when he was eventually heard by 365 MOB executives who introduced him to USG’s K Koke. Straight away he became a priority to USG, and ultimately both 365 MOB and USG co-signed the young West London rapper, concentrating their efforts on helping his development as both an artist and brand.

Raidz is now working with USG on his new mixtape, which is due for release in 2016. Raidz intends to cement himself in the UK rap scene, with the help of some already phenomenal feedback from promo feeders. Raidz states “I just write about what’s happened before, if it’s not before, it’s what’s now, if it’s not now, it’s what I expect my future to be.” Signing with USG helped him raise the bar as an artist and allowed him to flow pen to paper, with his mixtape being scoped as one of USG’s most highly anticipated projects of the year.