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The outspoken voice of the UKunderground Hip-hop scene: know for his slogan “I play bangers” DJ Livewire is passionate about home grown talent. Using his radio shows as a platform for artists, DJ Livewire is the go to guy for artists who want to make that transition from studio to the airwaves.

The affiliation to UK hip-hop came about in 2004.

Livewire had respect for British music that was just not getting the exposure it deserved. When a few friends started rapping Livewire decided to incorporate their music within his radio slots and club bookings.

Radio and Bookings in the clubs gave Livewire the perfect platform to promote that home-grown talent he had championed. As the trend of mixtapes began to grow in the UK Livewire was approached by artists to host their mixtapes.

One such artist was K Koke, who is also a close friend, Livewire pushed & promoted Pure Koke Volume 1 with K Koke, which lead to the artist being signed to a major label. He went on to also host a second and third in the mixtape series Pure Koke Volume 2 & 3
Livewire also hosted EXO of USG, Clue of Goodfellaz, Madhat Mc Gore of MCFR as well as other rising stars of the underground.

Then in 2012 Livewire toured theUK with BIG ON ROAD “The LIVE show” Reaching Scotland, Walesand Manchester, where he showcased some of the best unsigned artists in the UK. He also made a tune entitled “BIG ON ROAD” which can be seen via youtube.

Listen out for DJ LIVEWIRE on BANG RADIO 103.6FM & for his “STREET BANGERS” radio show with the latest in new music, industry news and interviews from the UK & international hip-hop scene.