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Braulio Madeira, (born May 20, 1993), better known by his stage name B Swagga is a Portuguese rapper, originating from the slums of Lisbon (Linha de Sintra). He moved to the UK in his early teens to try and focus on building a better life for himself, and his family.

After living in London for a couple of years his parents moved him to Peterborough where he met up with friend Young Mussa – having now linked up with his old school friend they both quickly realised the passion they shared for making music and the duo decided to create an independent music group called YNP (YUNG’N’PHLY).

After releasing music video after music video the team started to grow, with childhood friends, Lory Beatz & Dyze joining the group. With positive feedback coming from all directions and with sold out club bookings all over the Midlands the group’s reputation grew massively attracting the attention and support from UK rapper K Koke.

Having performed alongside YNP in Peterborough, K Koke could clearly see the talent and determination in the hearts of these young men and straight away pursued the singing of B Swagga and the YNP team to his USG Label.