USG Entertainment; an independent recording label and all-round entertainment company.

Since the formation of this indie record label, USG have faced a highly charged and charting journey. Formed on the streets of the groups hometown, USG started out as a splinter group from an infamous street crew known as Usual Suspects, which saw them overcome their first hurdle releasing their first official single back in 2004. Realising their talents the founding members, turned their focus to music as an outlet to channel their emotions and from what started out as a local rap crew, now 10 years later has grown into a worldwide recognised brand, with its reputation reaching a global audience.

USG capitalised on the surge of the internet phenomenon to connect with a wealth of potential fans. Through the likes of social networking sites such as Myspace, Facebook and YouTube, fans from all walks of life were able to connect with the autobiographical lyrics of the group through MP3 uploads, blogs, photos and videos. USG had managed to take a vast audience from diverse backgrounds on a tour of their minds and life experiences, both positive and negative.

To date, the label has distributed solo and group projects of their artists in the form of mixtapes, CDs, digital downloads and audio-visual material for transmission on the internet and satellite television channels.

Present day, USG are now one of the leading indie record labels in the UK. With our new building to house us and the use of our extensive database of contacts USG business ventures branch into fashion, energy drinks, merchandise, bookings, television, touring, film and music management.

USG also take part in community based initiatives, and aim to continue to participate in and develop youth projects. This is embedded in the very core of the labels morals. By helping the youth this directly compliments the future plans to scout for new talent to add to the label’s roster of artists, producers and DJs.

The team is currently in the process of developing its own energy drink which is intended to be ready for distribution mid-2016. The label also have some highly anticipated releases this year including: K Kokes album – #iAintPerfect, Squingy “Cloudy Skies” EP and the labels first official USG Album.

As founding figures of a new movement in UK hip hop and one of the most inspiring voices of the post London Posse era of UK hip hop, USG have a resounding and ongoing influence on the British music industry.

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